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The Speedseats® Tuxedo Series are ergonomic seats with a sporty, sleek, design with nice curves. While the actual model of the Tuxedo Series is the same as the Carbon Series, the Tuxedo offers a somewhat more “professional” look. Thanks to the elegant stitching and subtle colors it allows the chair to blend into any office or gaming room.

Gamers and office employees often have back problems due to poor posture. It’s Speedseats’ goal to offer a remedy for those problems. Thanks to the shape of our specially designed premium chairs combined with the ultra comfortable cushions, a Speedseat® will help you maintain a good posture for hours on end.

While the quality of the previous Speedseats® was great, the new Tuxedo Series takes it one step further in quality and comfort. Here’s what changed from the previous model:

  • Upgraded tilt system, allowing you to lock your Speedseat in a position that fits you best. In addition, both the armrests and backrest are now fully adjustable to make sure you have the best seating experience.
  • Improved cushion shape and change of fabric. The cushion is now in super-soft fabric that never feels cold and even softer than before.
  • The upholstery material has been changed to super flexible artificial leather that increases comfort even more.

Speedseats® guarantees a high-quality chair that will last for years that was made with great care and attention to details.

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